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Applus IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry, supporting its clients in product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services. The company has more than 2.400 professionals and an international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 22 countries which ensures that our clients get customized, added-value solutions.

Engineering services: Comprehensive design, engineering and validation capabilities for turnkey vehicle development projects at international level: CAD, CAE and testing of all major vehicle functionalities with unique in house state-of-the-art facilities.

IDIADA provides an extensive range of product development services in the fields of passive and active safety, ADAS & CAV, powertrain & HEV, electronics and reliability. Our expertise in both physical and virtual testing means maximum efficiency in cost and time.

Proving grounds: IDIADA offers the most comprehensive proving grounds in Europe and Asia. The proving grounds, located in Spain and China, offer excellent customer support combined with first-class test tracks and fully-equipped confidential workshops. Both facilities offer the highest standards of safety and confidentiality.

Homologation services in accordance with all European EC and ECE Regulations. We are also accredited for Australia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and give consultancy to other countries and regions such as South America (including Brazil), China, Russia, Middle East, Gulf Countries, ASEAN, USA, Canada, among others.