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JSAE 2021 Spring Tournament

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25 May 2021


27 May 2021

The 2021 Spring Tournament will be held online for three days from May 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday). In addition to academic lectures (82 sessions, 384 lectures), Keynote Address, awards ceremony, and student poster sessions will be held at this conference.

At Keynote Address, we organized lectures on new technology fields required for future mobility such as communications, AI and social systems. This time, Mr. Izumi Kawanishi of Sony Corporation will give a lecture on research and development of next-generation mobility under the title of "VISION-S Project: Sony's Initiatives for Mobility".

In addition, Automotive Engineering Exposition: Human and Car Technology Exhibition 2021 Yokohama will hold exhibitions, lectures, and test drive events organized by the organizers in addition to exhibitions by more than 400 companies. In addition to the exhibition at the venue, we will hold an online exhibition (May 26th to July 30th) this year.

We hope that this competition will be an opportunity for engineers and researchers active in the automobile industry to gain useful knowledge and a place for human interaction.

Shigeki Terashi, Chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan


Academic Lectures: Online LIVE distribution*

Date and time: May 26th (Wednesday) - 28th (Friday)

program: Click here for a list of programs
* The timetable and programs are subject to change due to withdrawal of lectures.

Keynote Address: Recording distribution

Publication period:May 26th (Wednesday) -28th (Friday)

Lecture title: VISION-S Project: Sony's Initiatives for Mobility

Lecturer: Izumi Kawanishi (Sony Corporation)

Moderator: Seigo Katsumaki [Director in charge of general affairs]

Abstract of the Lecture: Regarding Sony's new corporate project "VISION-S",
which was unveiled at CES 2020, Sony's approach and efforts toward the evolution of mobility,
the outline of the first prototype vehicle, development secrets,
future challenges, etc. We would like to introduce Sony's challenge to making cars.

Student poster session: Online LIVE distribution

Presentation project by college students, university students, and graduate students.

Session: May 26th (Wednesday) -28th (Friday)
* Presentation materials will be posted during the session, and a short presentation will be held for two days during the session.

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