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7 July 2021


15 September 2021

ISTVS Digital Event Series 2021

The ISTVS is launching a digital event series — alternating weekly informal student-led research seminars and terramechanics bites by established researchers. The events will also offer support for authors and the audience on how to get the best out of our conference platform for our 20th International and  9th Americas Conference in September.

The events will be on Wednesdays at a time chosen to make it possible for all international colleagues to attend: midday in Europe-Africa — mornings in North America — evenings in East Asia. Recordings of some of the events will be posted to the ISTVS website and to Youtube so sign whether or not you’re sure you can attend.Use the registration links to sign up. Our event platform is Hopin: you’ll be asked to create an account which you can use for all events in this digital series as well as for our annual conference in September.

July 7: Student Research Seminar
Graduate Researchers,
Vehicle Dynamics Group, University of Pretoria
The use of semi-active suspension control to create and improve upon ADAS systems for SUVs
Nathan Mills | Minimising the ride-comfort vs. handling compromise while preventing rollover
Bongani Zulu | Rollover prevention and handling improvement by using load transfer on rough terrain
Wynand Esterhuizen | Minimising braking distance with ABS on several undulating terrains
Time: 8:00am ET. 

Registration link

July 14: Terramechanics Bite
Dr. Alex Keen, ISTVS UK Regional Secretary and Editor-in-Chief of the ISTVS Resource Initiative
Terramechanics and Climate Change, with Particular Reference to the UK
A review of the climate change problem to consider aspects of terramechanics that can link to parts of the solution and promote discussion
Time: 8:00am ET. 

Registration link

July 21: Student Research Seminar
Time: 8:00am ET

July 28: Terramechanics Bite
Dr. Lutz Richter, ISTVS 1st Vice President
Time: 8:00am ET

August 4: Student Research Seminar
Time: 8:00am ET

August 11: Terramechanics Bite
Time: 8:00am ET

August 18: Student Research Seminar
Time: 8:00am ET

August 25: Terramechanics Bite
Time: 8:00am ET

September 1: Student Research Seminar
Time: 8:00am ET

September 8: Terramechanics Bite
Time: 8:00am ET

September 15: Student Research Seminar
Time: 8:00am ET

Not just attendees, but participants 

Our events are best when there’s a mix of new and returning folks. Each event will include some combination of talks with Q&A. All of our sessions are peer-led—consider becoming a facilitator for an event. If you are at a university, your post-graduate researchers are invited to take advantage of the post-graduate seminars to practice presenting their work in a friendly, low-stake environment with post-grads from around the world.

Instructions for Audience

Before the day of session
Register for the event — the first time you register you'll create a Hopin account you can use for further events in the series.

Day of session
Login 10 minutes before the start of session.
Click on Stage in the left column. You may need to click a start arrow to when the event starts.

During session
Enjoy the session. Your questions are welcome.
We request the questions be directed through the sessions Q&A tab.
This ensures moderators can pass questions to presenters smoothly.

Feedback will be requested at the end of the session.