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International Automobile Scientific Forum (IASF-2021)

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18 October 2021


19 October 2021

International Automotive Science Forum (IASF) 

Ground Intelligent Vehicles and Systems.

Today, IASF is one of the largest scientific and engineering platforms in Russia, where the mutual interests of leading international and Russian enterprises in the automotive and related industries, scientific, research and educational organizations are formed. The Forum will provide you with a real opportunity to exchange ideas, get reliable information on current and future scientific research, technical and technological developments in the field of innovative (including intelligent) vehicles with a low carbon footprint.

The Forum will be held on October 19-20, 2021 at the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation FSUE "NAMI", Moscow, st. Avtomotornaya, 2.

Forum preliminary program:

19 October 2021 (Government, Business and Investments)

  • Plenary session: "Future transport: what will it be like?"

  • Discussions dedicated to the prospects of the automotive industry.

  • Specialized exhibition of intelligent vehicles and their components developed by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

20 October 2021 (Science):

  • Plenary session: "Vehicle 2035".

  • Sections:

  • Control systems for intelligent land transport systems.

  • Vehicle digital design and testing.

  • Future of vehicle power units.

  • Vehicle-environment ecosystem

  • Future materials and technologies

  • Management information and intelligent systems in digital agriculture.