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FISITA Online Conference: Unleashing the Benefits of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Testing and Simulation

Online Event

24 June 2021


A Online Conference: “Unleashing the benefits of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) testing and simulation”.

The Automotive Industry is going through a significant challenging period where the connection between testing and simulation must be strong. For any development, the following objectives must be ensured:

-              Provide the safest possible product;

-              Reduce time to market;

-              Create optimum performance;

-              Reduce costs without sacrificing quality; and

-              Make AV comfortable for passengers.

As the development of AV progresses and moves away from human drivers, software has become the brain of the vehicle.  It must make instantaneous decisions, large and small, to ensure that the vehicle not only gets to its destination but does so safely.

Unifying the results obtained from testing and simulation will facilitate the development of future powertrains by quickly delivering efficient engines. For example, simulation will enable optimization of the use of energy sources by ensuring a highly controlled environment in a variety of different driving conditions. Thus, enabling car manufacturers to virtually test new designs in different scenarios, to see how they will affect driving emissions, avoiding the need for parts design and physical testing.

Moderator: Ouafae El Ganaoui Mourlan 

Key Note: Hajar Mousannif 

Panellist: Patricia Villoslada

Panellist: Nadine Leclair

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