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Auto Electronics Conference

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29 April 2021


29 April 2021

Auto Electronics Conference

With the enormous rise of electronics in the mobility industry, the complexity and reliability of the technology are highly looked upon for producing a safe and smart vehicle which poses the ultimate task of making the technology affordable and efficient for the consuming public. Auto Industry in India is undergoing a sea change with electric vehicles and advanced electronics taking a prime place. The important parameter is the ability of the industry to take up the challenge of international competition, increasing indigenous components in electric vehicles manufactured in India and providing quality products at affordable prices. Major vehicle manufacturers are bringing out new variants in the electric vehicle segment and introducing products with imported/ indigenous content. Tesla, a global benchmark for electric vehicles is also setting up a plant in the Silicon Valley of India in 2022 and is expected to transform the scene and accelerate intense competition in the EV segment. Come join us and witness National & International experts & leaders sharing their ideas, knowledge, vision and problem-solving techniques for a smart and sustainable future.

Convener - Dr.Shankar Venugopal, Vice President, Mahindra & Mahindra

Conference Topics

  • Topic 1: Electrified Mobility

Electric Powertrain Architectures and Platform | Electric Machine Topology and Design | Inverters, Converters, Charger development| Design Localization | Charging Technology and Infrastructure | Renewable Energy Integration | Battery Technologies & Battery Management Systems | HV Isolation and Safety |EMI EMC Regulations and Certification Challenges |Software and System Validation |

  • Topic 2: Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS

Global outlook and Indian context | On and off-road applications | IoT Enhanced Mobility | Sensor Development: LiDAR and RADAR| Sensor Fusion | Blind Spot Awareness | Night Vision | Artificial Environment Testing | Automotive Emergency Breaking |Lane keep assist | Adaptive cruise control| Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) |Functional Safety| Regulatory requirements | AI and Deep Learning

  • Topic 3: Vehicle connectivity, Infotainment & Telematics

Telematics and IoT | 5G Technology |Automotive Antenna | Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Transportation |Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance | Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) | Connectivity, Internet of Vehicles | IoT Connected Solutions | Connected Car Security | Cyber security | AUTOSAR

  • Topic 4: Sensors, Lighting & Body electronics

Advanced Body Electronics| Indigenization of Electronics| Regulations | Interior and exterior lighting design| Automotive Sensors | Body Motors | Passive Keyless Entry | Human Machine Interface (HMI) | EMI EMC compliance | Auxiliary Power Management |

  • Topic 5: Automotive Software Development

Embedded Systems | Model Based System Engineering | Model Based Software Development | Functional Safety | ISO 26262 Compliance | Software validation and verification | SiL and HiL | Smart Automotive | Open-Source Software impacts | AI and Machine Learning |