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‍The FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership has been established in order to create a unique status within the automotive and mobility systems engineering community, through which outstanding achievers can be acknowledged and recognised for their commitment and contribution to the technology of mobility.

The FISITA Academy endorsement delivers FISITA recognition and status for the world’s leading technology experts, as hand-picked on an annual basis by the FISITA President and an international team of advisors.


This unique status launches at a time of significant technological advancement as the traditional automobile industry rapidly evolves. Technology and technologists are leading this evolution, with the technology of mobility creating a high demand for the engineering capability required to progress the connected, autonomous, smart, clean and safe mobility solutions of today and tomorrow.

The FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership places its recipients within an exclusive group of international technologists, with exclusivity ensured through a strict review and selection process, identifying no more than twenty outstanding achievers to the Academy each year.


Ensuring that only those contributing significant leadership to the international automotive and mobility systems engineering community will be acknowledged through appointment to the FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership.


We are delighted to announce the inaugural recipients of this prestigious status and unique recognition, awarded to each of the following individuals during FISITA’s by-invitation technical leadership event, the FISITA World Mobility Summit in November 2019.

Vincent Braibant
Mr. Vincent Braibant

VP Simulation & Test Solutions



Nakul Duggal
Mr. Nakul Duggal

Sr. Vice President & GM, Automotive

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

United States

Flavio Farroni
Mr. Flavio Farroni

CEO & Co-Founder



Günther Prokop
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Prokop

Professor, Automotive Engineering

TU Dresden


Martin Hrdlička
Ing. Martin Hrdlička, Ph.D., MBA

Head of Chassis and Powertrain Development


Czech Republic

Yoshufumi Kato
Mr. Yoshufumi Kato

CTO and Head of Advanced Devices Business Group



Deborah Mielewski
Dr. Deborah Mielewski

Technical Fellow of Sustainability

Ford Motor Company

United States

Kyoungdoug Min
Prof. Kyoungdoug Min

Professor and Director of the Institute of Advance Machines and Design

Seoul National University (SNU)

Korea, Republic of

Carmen Munoz-Dormoy
Ms. Carmen Munoz-Dormoy

Downstream R&D Director



Hiroaki Okuchi
Mr. Hiroaki Okuchi

Fellow of Advanced R&D and Engineering

Toyota Motor Corporation


Moran Price
Ms. Moran Price

CoFounder & CEO

IRP Systems


Alain Raposo
Mr. Alain Raposo

EVP Electrified Propulsion Tech Unit, R&D Division

Hyundai Motor Group

Korea, Republic of

Feng Shen
Dr. Feng Shen

Executive Vice President & Chairman of Global Quality Management Committee



2022 Academy Recipients

Mr. Fu Yuwu

Honorary President of China SAE


Mr. Toshihiro Mibe

President Representative Director

Honda Motor


Mr. Ted Robertson