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FISITA open access knowledge sharing

The FISITA Store contains over 9,000 Technical Papers, proceedings from technical conferences held since 1995, and a growing number of conference output papers and FISITA white papers.

Technical content is generated within the FISITA community by members and stakeholders working together on initiatives and projects in committees and working groups, and by volunteers contributing to and developing FISITA’s schedule of international, hybrid events and technical dialogue between members – from hour-long online discussion, dialogue and presentations, to multi-day international technical conferences and exhibitions.

All content is made exclusively available to members for agreed periods before general release via the FISITA store, enabling free of charge, open access to the entire FISITA library of content as a dedicated member benefit, with access to the papers and proceedings available to purchase for non-members.

Please contact FISITA if you would like to access FISITA technical content through your Corporate or Society membership, or if you wish to join FISITA.

While we are working on migrating the FISITA library of content from our legacy platform to this new website, new content from the latest FISITA events and activities will be made available here while the EuroBrake Technical Programme will be provided on the EuroBrake website. Titles and abstracts continue to be freely accessible, but downloads of material require paid access. We are working on a system that will provide free access to people registering with a Corporate Member email, but currently individuals or member representatives need to contact us to enable free access. Access for Society Members is available at a discount, but we hope to enable seamless access as we build the system and online relationship with the Society members - in many cases, it will make sense for non-members to either persuade their company to become a FISITA member or for them as individuals to join their local automotive engineering society to get discounted access.

As we migrate the content and develop our categorisation and search engine, people looking into the development of new technologies, identifying prior art, and catching up on the latest developments will find the FISITA technical library an invaluable resource. The links below will hopefully provide a clear idea of what is currently available and enable you to find what you need – please let us know if you have any questions or requests.


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