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Global Automotive & Mobility Events in October 2019

30 September 2019

The FISITA Automotive Diary is a global calendar of auto events. Take a look at the automotive and mobility events taking place around the world in October.

FISITA Member Events

Academic Automotive AssociationEAEC 2019 - 16th European Automotive Congress7–11 October 2019, Minsk, Belarus

SAE InternationalThermal Management Systems Symposium15–17 October 2019, Plymouth, MI, United States

Ceská Automobilova SpolecnostInternational Symposium on Future Mobility Safety Science and Technology17–18 October 2019, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Society of Automotive Engineers of ChinaSAECCE 2019 - China-SAE Congress & Exhibition22–24 October 2019, Shanghi, China

Sociedad de Técnicos de AutomociónSTA & Applus+ IDIADA28th Annual Congress EVU24–26 October 2019, Barcelona, Spain

SAE InternationalInnovations in Mobility29–31 October 2019, Novi, MI, United States

Other Automotive & Mobility Events

Smart Automotive Surfaces 20199–10 October 2019, Livonia, MI, United States

TU-Automotive Japan15–16 October 2019, Tokyo, Japan

5G Automotive Forum 201915–16 October 2019, Berlin, Germany

Equip Auto 201915–16 October 2019, Paris, France

Dubai World Congress For Self Driving Transport 201915–16 October 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Korea Automotive Industry Exhibition 201916–18 October 2019, Korea

Inter Battery 201916–18 October 2019, Seoul, Korea

Advanced Engineering 201930–31 October 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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