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Germany: VDI e.V.

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein
Dipl.Ing. Christof Kerkhoff

In Germany the VDI is acknowledged as the voice of engineers within this profession and in public life generally. The main focus of the VDI's activities is working in the technological and scientific field.

VDI has nearly 150.000 members in 12 societies. One of these is the society Automotive and Traffic Systems Technology.

The VDI Society Automotive and Traffic Systems Technologies (FVT) with its eight departments is a home base for engineers from a wide range of technical areas in the fields of road, rail, air and water as modes of transport. As part of an active interaction with the working groups of the
regional VDI associations, students and young engineers as well as the other technical VDI associations, the VDI FVT is maintaining a network nationally or internationally with other cooperation partners. The VDI FVT has set itself the task of strengthening the perception of the engineering profession and playing a part in promoting the standing of the VDI as the technical and scientific opinion leader among experts, in politics and in society as a whole. Here it is necessary to force the pace of interaction between the different areas of mobility and give expert impulses as well as developing perspectives for interdisciplinary topics in the fields of “Man and
Mobility” and “Vehicles and Infrastructure”.

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