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FISITA Shows Support for 'Tomorrow's Engineers Week'

5 November 2013

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (UK) together with major stakeholders such as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, EngineeringUK and the Royal Academy of Engineering are coordinating Tomorrow's Engineers Week from 4th - 8th November 2013 to raise young people's awareness of engineering and crucially to increase interest in engineering not just as a study choice but also as a future career.

FISITA (International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) strongly supports this campaign with its own goals of supporting the education, training and international experience of students and young engineers standing alongside the positive message Tomorrow's Engineers Week is setting out.

FISITA interviewed a series of young and experienced engineers working in the automotive industry for its student website and hopes that young people can be further inspired by the positive and diverse role models and the innovative and exciting technology they are helping advance. All seven interviews are available to view on the Your Future In Automotive Youtube Channel:, with more to be filmed this year.

These video interviews are free for anyone to use, share, embed and view and schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions are invited to distribute the link to their students to help inspire future engineers.

FISITA Chief Executive, Mr. Ian Dickie said,

"Tomorrow's Engineers Week is an excellent initiative to get more young people to take a serious look at careers in engineering and especially to understand what engineers actually do and how they help make the world a better place".

"Here in the UK and world-wide, the auto industry in particular depends increasingly on a strong supply of highly educated graduate engineers and well trained technicians to work on challenging technologies from powertrain electrification, to advanced lightweight materials, to sophisticated electronic controls and driver assistance systems. These are the technologies we need to master if we're going to make mobility safe, sustainable and affordable for people everywhere. And to do it, we need more of the brightest young men and women to come into engineering."

Mr. Dickie continued,

"We need to do more to get the message across to young people that automotive engineering is a highly rewarding and socially vital career. This is not a 20th century, smokestack, metal-bashing industry in decline. It is a high-tech, high-potential, global business with immense opportunities. This is why FISITA organises programmes like our student travel bursaries, student congress and our website:, which provides targeted education and career advice for budding automotive engineers."

"We especially need to remind young people that, in addition to the excellent material and intellectual rewards on offer, engineering is central to the future wellbeing and prosperity of the planet. Climate change; 1.4m fatalities from traffic accidents annually; scarcity of natural resources and near-gridlock in many of the world's major cities - these are the problems which automotive engineers are working on every day to help overcome. Our entire economic and social structures depend on sustainable personal mobility. We need cars and we need the smartest people to reinvent them and make them cleaner, more efficient and crashless. It's within our grasp and I can think of few more exciting careers to get into today!"

To follow Tomorrow's Engineers Week activities and events online, follow @bisgovuk, @bispressoffice and @Tomorrows_Eng on twitter and use the hashtags: #iamengineering and #TEWeek13 to join in.

Facebook users can `Like' and share posts and content about Tomorrow's Engineers Week at and the official Tomorrow's Engineers website can be found at

For more information please contact:

Elliot Maule, Education & Communications Manager, FISITA
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Notes to editors: Your Future In Automotive ( is managed by FISITA, the world body for automotive engineers and is a free online resource for young people, engineering students, and graduates offering education advice, careers guidance and much more.

Established in 1948, FISITA links the national automotive engineering societies in 37 countries representing over 185,000 engineering professionals and organises the biennial FISITA World Automotive Congress and the annual World Automotive Summit.