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Yazaki Corporation

Shinji Yazaki

Shinji Yazaki

Shinji Yazaki has been President of Yazaki Corporation since 2002.

Mr. Yazaki graduated from the International Commerce Department at Hastings Continental College.

In July 1968, he began his career in Yazaki Corporation. In March 1972 he was promoted to Managing Director. He was Senior Managing Director from August 1976 to September 1983. He served as Executive Vice President from September 1983 to 2002, when he took over as President.

Spotlight on Yazaki Corporation

Trust YAZAKI Inside Your Car

Yazaki Corporation is an independent automotive parts maker founded in 1941. In addition to automotive wire harnesses, its core product for which it commands a top share in the global market, the company develops and manufactures meters, electronic components and a host of other products for automotive use.

Since establishing its first overseas production site in Thailand in 1962, Yazaki Corporation continues to expand a development and manufacturing network that encompasses the globe, and broaden relationships of mutual trust with car manufacturers around the world. As of December 2009 the Yazaki Group has 415 operations in 39 countries, and employs approximately 180,000 people.

Since the world's first hybrid electric vehicle (HV) went on sale in 1997, Yazaki has been involved with the high-voltage wire harness, indispensable to the motor that powers HV and electric vehicle (EV), and has accumulated tremendous technological capabilities in this field. In recent years, Yazaki has continued development directed toward realizing a safe and easy to use EV charging coupler, which is essential for charging EV.

With "A corporation needed by society" as its corporate policy, since its inception Yazaki Corporation has been committed to being environment-friendly in all its businesses. Starting with the practical application of air-conditioning systems using solar heat far ahead of the rest of the world in 1974, to realizing the world's first air conditioning system using wood biomass energy in 2008, Yazaki Corporation has consistently brought forth an array of environment-friendly products.

While continuing to operate as an automotive parts supplier, we are dedicated to taking care of the environment, and making a contribution to society. Yazaki Corporation inspires trust in all its stakeholders.

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