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Sumitomo Chemical Co., LTD

Sumitomo Chemical's Creative Hybrid Chemistry forms the basis of its R&D strategy

The origin of Sumitomo Chemical date back to 1913, when the Company used polluting sulfur dioxide emissions from smelting operations at the Bessi Copper Mine on the island of Shikoku to produce fertilizers. Sumitomo Chemical was thus founded as a company that sought to solve environmental problems whilst at the same time aiming to contribute to the development of agriculture.

Firmly holding to the philosophy that we will not work merely for our own profit but will also work to contribute broadly to society, we have developed our business in diverse areas in keeping with changing times and have worked to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Today the Sumitomo Chemical Group includes over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates operation in six business sectors - basic chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics, fine chemicals, IT-related chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals - and supplies a broad range of products for global markets.

With due consideration for changing times, Sumitomo Chemical will continue to create new value on the basis of its advanced technologies and contribute to the bettering of people's lives, solving problems facing global society relating to resources - energy, food and the environment - in order to meet the high expectations of our business partners, shareholders, investors, regional communities and stakeholders.

"Creative Hybrid Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow"

Sumitomo Chemical's Creative Hybrid Chemistry forms the basis of its R&D strategy. Creative Hybrid Chemistry means enhancing our base technologies while broadening and deepening our eight core technologies of advanced polymer processing - functional dyes and pigments; crystal structure control; calcination; functional polymer design; biotechnology; chiral synthesis; catalysts - and combining these disparate technologies from both inside and outside the Company to develop higher value-added products and technologies.

Moreover, in addition to developing new materials, we are also emphasising linkages with the business of materials solutions, which encompasses the development of downstream businesses and businesses of different industries. In order to quickly and efficiently apply the fruits of our R&D efforts toward the development of high value-added businesses, we will therefore aggressively pursue technological collaborations with academic institutions and companies from other industries around the world.

Masakazu Tokura

Masakazu Tokura

Masakazu Tokura has been President of Sumitomo Chemical Co., LTD since April 2011.


Mr. Tokura graduated from Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo in 1974 and started his career at Sumitomo Chemical in the same year. In June 2006, he was named Managing Executive Officer in charge of Planning & Coordination Office and Quality Assurance Office of IT-related Chemicals Sector and later he was appointed Director and Managing Executive Officer in charge of IT-related Chemicals Sector in June 2008. He became Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer in June 2009. He was appointed President in April 2011.



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