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Bosch GmbH

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. In the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology, some 271,000 associates generated sales of 46.3 billion euros in 2007.

Currently, Bosch is the world´s leading automotive supplier. In 2007, this business sector generated sales of 28.4 billion euros at 133 locations in 25 countries. A total of 165,000 associates are working in this field.

To preserve its technologically leading position, Bosch spends considerable sums for research and development every year. In 2007, its research and development expenditure came to 3.6 billion euros, or 7.7 percent of sales. Its most research-intensive business sector is Automotive Technology, whose research and development expenditure comes to 2.8 billion euros, or roughly 10 percent of sales. Throughout the world, more than 29,000 associates are involved in research and development for the Bosch Group, 16,900 of them in Germany. The company's technological competence is also manifested in the large number of patent applications it files. With more than 3,000 inventions, Bosch is the second most prolific applicant in Germany. In the field of automotive technology, Bosch is world leader in terms of the number of patents.

Automotive Technology is the largest Bosch business sector. It generates some 61% of total group sales. The four largest business areas are: injection technology for internal-combustion engines (gasoline and diesel), systems for active and passive vehicle safety (brakes, ABS, ESP®, airbag control units, driver assistant systems), electrical machines (starters, alternators, small-power motors), and products for mobile communication (car radios, navigation systems).

With an eye to the future, our work in automotive technology focuses especially on using energy still more efficiently, thereby generating even lower emissions. Another area of development is injection technology for alternative fuels, since an increasing number of vehicles run on natural gas, ethanol, and biodiesel.

But technology "invented for life" is more than environmental protection. Where cars are concerned, it is also about accident protection. The long-term trend shows that fatal accidents are decreasing thanks to more technology. For Bosch, the bottom line is that we need even more sophisticated technology. By 2011, one in two new cars will be fitted with the electronic stability program (ESP®). The next phase of expansion is the Predictive Safety Systems (PSS) with the automatic emergency braking system. If all cars in Germany were fitted with these predictive safety systems, some 20 percent of all traffic accidents could be prevented. Common objective of Bosch is accident-free road traffic.

Dr. Markus Heyn
Member of the Board of Management

Dr. Markus Heyn

Dr. Markus Heyn has been a member of board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH since April 2015. He bears corporate responsibility for automotive original equipment sales and marketing and sales.

Dr. Heyn is also responsible for the Automotive Aftermarket division as well as the subsidiaries ETAS GmbH and Bosch Engineering GmbH.

Born in Aachen on December 9, 1964, Dr. Heyn is married and has four children. He studied at RWTH Aachen University, and also completed a doctorate there in mechanical engineering.

Career stages in the Bosch Group

1999 - Started his career at Robert Bosch GmbH as a consultant in the corporate office for coordinating productivity and process optimization

2001 - Department manager at the Feuerbach plant with responsibility for producing parts for distributor injection pumps

2003 - Consultant to the production manager at the Diesel Systems division

2004 - Technical plant manager at the Jihlava plant in Czech Republic

2007 - Head of the Passenger Car business unit at Diesel Systems

2009 - Member of the executive management board at Diesel Systems with responsibility for passenger car diesel systems

2012 - President of Diesel Systems

April 2015 - Member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH

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