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FISITA 2016 - thoughts from the FISITA CEO

23 September 2016

Chris Mason shares his thoughts on attending his first World Automotive Congress as FISITA CEO. Organised every two years by the host Member Society, FISITA 2016 will take place in Busan, Korea between 26-30 September 2016.

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The Smartest Places on Earth

27 June 2016

Presenting the findings from his new book, The Smartest Places on Earth, Fred Bakker examines collaborations in the automotive sector, which have increasingly become a necessity for the industry to progress.

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Sustainable mobility for the world’s poorest people

4 April 2016

Dr. Chris Borroni-Bird writes about how mobility improves the quality of life in the developed world, as well as enabling economic advancement through access to goods and markets. He considers how mobility could have a similar impact for the world’s poorest people.

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